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Hello Keys Fans! We Are Taylor Bathroom Remodeling for Frederick, MD:
It’s not just a bathroom remodeling project, it’s your home.

We believe there's more to bathroom remodeling projects than cutting moulding and hammering nails. Taylor Remodeling for Frederick, MD brings your ideas to life.

Bathroom remodeling can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Armed with the right information and tools (and of course the right bathroom contractor!), it can be an enjoyable project that will add value to your home and lifestyle. In fact, according to Remodel Magazine, the average cost for a bathroom remodel in the Frederick, Maryland area is $15,000 and it raises the value of your home an impressive $10,000. This is one of the highest returns you can get on any home remodeling project!

The most important step, is planning. We understand, it’s easy to get excited about a bathroom makeover. Before you start pulling down old, dingy wallpaper or prying up cracked tiles, though, make a plan. Some important things to pay special attention to are lighting, tub versus shower, and flooring. Take some time to research and look at your options. Examine bathrooms you have admired, and pinpoint the elements that make it appealing to you. Is it the ceramic tiles? The indirect lighting? The glass shower enclosure? Make a list, talk to your family, and narrow it down until you have one cohesive concept. You can even call us if you get stuck! Remember, now you have friends in the business.

Once you have identified what you want, commit. Changing things half way through can increase your cost dramatically. Analyze the project and asses honestly which parts you can do yourself and which parts you need to contract out. Shop around for parts. Stock items and discontinued items can be significantly less expensive, without sacrificing quality or style.

Following these simple guidelines can make renovating your bathroom an enjoyable and exciting endeavor. Taylor Remodeling understands that it’s not just a bathroom project, it’s your home. We strive to make the entire process un-invasive, timely and cost effective. We’ll be there to help answer your questions and find the best solutions for you, every step of the way.

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